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#3 type the following command to show line numbers in current vi/vim editor: set number #4 you will see that the line numbers have been shown in each line. When you reopen this file via vi/vim text editor, the line numbers will be hidden. Hide Line Numbers in Vi/Vim. If you want to hide or turn off line number in your vi/vim text editor, and you run the following command in command mode. set nonumber Disable Hybrid Line Numbering in Vim/Vi.

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Now you have a few choices for editors that show line numbers. In vi, you can also do Ng  21 Nov 2017 I just opened my terminal and typed vi and hit return key. Earlier I used to see the line numbers ( :set nu ) of the functions I wanted to copy/cut. 5 Oct 2012 exercise file: vi line-number.txt; Type 4G to move the cursor to line 4. Type :num ; Press Enter/Return.

Vi see line numbers

Type dd and hit Enter to remove the line. Pressing dd multiple times will delete multiple lines. Try searching for a word or number or definitely see with your own eyes while in vi. If that does not help, then you have some very strange problem. Oh, and about the downvotes: usually questions with only couple of lines in them tend to get downvotes easily. :'<,'>s/helo/hello/g Example 5. Substitution of a text with another text only the 1st X number of lines.
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(For information about the ex mode, see Use the vi text editor) For instance, if you wanted to go to line 14, you could press Esc and then enter::14 There is also a vi command. The :set number command displays line numbers. This tip, however, shows how to insert line numbers into a file, or into just a section. Also, the option to print with line numbers is given (Vim can print lines with numbers, and does not need the numbers in the file).

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