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PI966 section II. Jan 3, 2017 Ship under PI 967, Section II additional labeling, documentation, etc. required. See Note A below. Lithium ion Battery (ies) shipped separately. PI965 Section IA / IB and PI966,PI967 Section I - Cells and batteries must not be packed in the same outer packaging, or placed in an overpack with, dangerous  (ICAO/IATA UN3481, PI967, Section II). - Cells or batteries installed in equipment. Contained IN EQUIPMENT.

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Package당 제한 양 . 5kg (여객기) 35kg UN3480, Lithium Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI965 UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries Packed with Equipment in compliance with Section II of PI966 UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries Contained in Equipment in compliance with Section II of PI967 UN3090, Lithium Metal Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI968 单独锂电池PI 965 Section IB, 或与设备包装一起锂电池产品PI966 Section II,或安装在设备中的锂电池产品PI967 Section II 依据IMDG 38-14 Edition的188的豁免条款,可按照普通货物运输 包装经过1.2m跌落测试 外包装标签要求:锂电池标记 Air Transport of Section II Lithium Batteries Created by: TNT Express Operations Excellence - Dangerous Goods Department Version: 02 November 2015 (based on 57th /2016 IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations) Page 1 of 6 ② Section IA Section IBおよびSection Ⅱ に該当するリチウム金属電池は、区分1.4S を除く第1分類 (火薬類)、区分2.1(引火性ガス)、第3分類(引火性液体)、区分4.1(可燃性固体)、または区分5.1 (酸化性物質)に該当する危険物と同じオーバーパックに入れてはなりません。 Lithium batteries packed according to pi965 section ia and pi966 / pi967 section i are not accepted in time definite international when transported via road to/from an adr member state. For example, almost all lithium polymer batteries are 3.7v or 4.2v batteries. Section II requirements for each type of lithium batteries are different.

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The si SECTION 2 The .gov means it’s official.Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site.

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Remote Area Delivery Lithium Batteries Section II (PI967, PI970). No charge. Lithium Batteries Section I, II (PI965). 850.00 HKD. Säker transport av sådant innehåll via flyg och i full överensstämmelse med ICAO / IATA-regler är avsändarens juridiska ansvar. IATA och DHL har tagit fram  Flygtransport av Section II Litium Batterier Lithium Metal Batteries Lithium Ion II of PI 966 Lithium Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 967 LB JA LB  Section II of IATA Packing Instructions 965 (ion, UN3480) and 968 (metal, UN3481 (PI966 Section I & PI967 Section I) are not accepted for carriage to the  transportavtalet gällande bestämmelserna tredje part, så räknas PI 967 I. I deklarationen ska batteriernas nettovikt anges i kilogram (KG). lithiumbatterier eller 4 lithiumceller skickas, och de ska då vara installerade i utrustningen och förpackade enligt PI 967 eller PI 970, sektion II i ICAO-regelverk. PI965 Section II requires separate dangerous goods account approval, since with equipment (PI966) or contained in equipment (PI967) are acceptable for  Tolkar jag det här flödesschemat rätt ?

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PI 967 Section II. Förstora. Artikelnummer: xxx.
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E.g. PI967 Lithium Ion batteries in equipment • Per cell : < 20 Wh • Per battery : < 100Wh • Total weight per package <5 kg (net) Please refer to the table on the next page to find out more about Section II requirements. Singapore 2014 Section II Lithium metal or lithium alloy cells and batteries meeting the requirements in this section are not subject to other additional requirements of these Regulations except for: (a) dangerous goods in passenger and crew baggage (Subsection 2.3). Only those lithium metal batteries as specifically PI967 - Section II. Lithium ion cells / batteries capacity. PI966 & PI967 - Section I. Per Cell: > 20Wh Per Battery: > 100Wh. UN specification packaging required Maximum net weight of cells/batteries per package: 35 kg (CAO) Time Definite International - Service Code "HE".UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries / Cells - PI967 Section II. All must be shown on the NOTOC (EBI / ELI - to be shown on the "Other Special Loads" section of the NOTOC) Ensure you follow IATA DGR and Qatar Airways Lithium Battery Guidelines in DGM. (Qatar Airways Segregation Rule 2 to be followed while loading on the aircraft except Temp Data Loggers.) JAN 2020 Luftfrachttransport freigestellter Lithiumbatterien (Für Sendungen, die mit dem Service „Express“ verschickt werden) Version: 2 8 .11 .2017 (basierend auf der 58 .

Contained IN EQUIPMENT. (ICAO/IATA UN3091, PI970, Section II). - Cells or  IATA PI965 Section II. IATA PI966 Section II. IATA PI967 Section II. Max. Quantity none (more than 8 cells or 2 batteries per packaging) 2 batteries per package,.
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PI 967 Section II Farligt gods DGM Sweden

IMPORTANT: RECALLED OR DEFECTED LITHIUM BATTERIES ARE FORBIDDEN FOR AIR TRANSPORT. V 1.0 -Effective from: 1 st of Jan 2016 with Section II of PI 966 LB YES Contained in equipment UN 3481 PI 9672 ≤ 20 Wh per cell or ≤ 100 Wh per battery and more than 4 cells or more than 2 batteries per package 5 kg net Lithium Battery Label None Lithium Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 967 LB YES ≤ 20 Wh per cell ≤ 100 Wh per battery Packages containing: “Lithium Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967” 備註: 1. 任何人士準備或提供鋰電池芯或鋰電池組以作託運,必須對此等規定有清楚認識及承擔一切有關的法津責任。 2. 請到以下網站了解更多詳情 (只提供英文版本): - a) 寄運電池貨件包裝指南: RU-02: UN 3090, Section IA of PI 968 and UN 3091, Section I of PI 969 and PI 970 RU-04: UN 3480 Section IB, II of PI965, UN 3481 Section II of PI966 and PI967, UN 3090 Section IB, II of PI968 and UN 3091, Section II of PI969 and PI970 is accepted for carriage only with a completed and signed “Shipper’s Declaration for Lithium Battery” form. batteries, in compliance with Section II of PI965 — CAO” must be placed on the air waybill, when an air waybill is used. + — Packages and overpacks of lithium ion batteries prepared in accordance with the provisions of Section II must be offered to the operator separately from cargo which is not subject to these Instructions and must not PI965 Section IA / IB and PI966,PI967 Section I - Cells and batteries must not be packed in the same outer packaging, or placed in an overpack with, dangerous goods classified in Class 1 (except 1.4S), Division 2.1, Class 3 , Division 4.1 and Division 5.1.