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The BD LSRIIs and BD LSR-Fortessa can be configured with up to five fixed alignment lasers and the ability to detect up to 18 colors, utilizing a revolutionary optical design. The BD LSRIIs and BD LSR-Fortessa can be configured Bringing boundless potential to multicolor flow cytometry, the BD LSRFortessa X-20 cell analyzer gives you the power to expand and customize your science. Built with innovative optical efficiency and fluidics optimized for sensitivity, this system is backed by BD expert training, service and support—so there is no limit to your research potential. Crafthouse Informed design inspired by the streamlined aesthetic of Deco architecture. Every feature purposeful, Every detail functional. Constantine The newest look in 18/10. Sound Pair this soft, organic pattern with intimate gettogethers and feel-good food.

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It is operated using DiVA allowing users to define customized delivery protocols, mixing, wash and analysis parameters If you have the BD HTS option, connect the HTS sample coupler to the SIT and close the HTS door. Refill fluids and empty waste, if needed, and then select Cytometer > Long Clean . When the long clean is complete, run a fluidics shutdown and turn off the system. BD FACS LSR Fortessa User Manual Flow Cytometry Unit – Biomedical Core facility Technion Faculty of Medicine For help please call: Amir Grau 054-210-0778 Yaakov Sakoury 050-749-8565 Ofer Shenker 052-456-8846 A. Starting Up 1. Turn on the instrument: a. LSR Fortessa - red switch on the wall behind the monitors (Fig.

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HTS (3L and 5L only) 13. Troubleshooting About This Guide The BD LSR II User’s Guide describes the procedures necessary to operate and maintain your BD™ LSR II flow cytometer.

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Bd fortessa hts user guide

BD LSRII (L01/L02). Independent Training Manual  FACSymphony A3 and BD FACSymphony A5 flow cytometers. The following list includes the available documentation for the system. •.

Bd fortessa hts user guide

Most of the features for running plate-based experiments on the BD ™ HTS option are located in the Plate window. The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) Appendix’B 448 nm (standard) 488nm (GFP/YFP discrimination) A B C A B C 685LP, 710/50 505LP, 530/30 488/10 525LP, 542/27 505LP, 510/20 488/10 About This Guide The BD FACSDiva Software Quick Start Guide contains tutorials designed to familiarize you with BD FACSDiva™ software. If you are a new user, use the tutorials to get started with the software. If you are an experienced user, try the updated tutorials to become familiar with new software features. Updated Service Maintenance Plan for BD LSR Fortessa SORP with HTS and BD Influx with Lasers Overview : Reference number: Registered Users To register interest in this opportunity or to electronically respond, you must first sign in.
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For important safety information, refer to the safety booklet provided with the HTS option. 6 BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer User’s Guide z BD High Throughput Sampler User’s Guide: Describes how to set up and operate the BD™ High Throughput Sampler (HTS) option. It also contains a description of BD FACSDiva software features specific to the HTS. z BD FACSFlow Supply System User’s Guide: Describes to)running)an)HTS)experiment.)The)HTS)uses)more)sheath)fluid)than)loading) thetubes.) 2. Switch)the)acquisition)control)switch)to)plate)mode.) 3. Remove)the)tube)of)DI)water)fromthe)SIT.) 4.

We apply this principle to all our analyzers -- LSRII, Fortessa, Fortessa X-20 . .
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LSR Fortessa . User Guide . Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General (printed version on back cover of User Guide Binder) 8. Optimizing Setup of the LSR2 system Exporting, Experiment Templates, Transferring files . 12.